Impressive Health Benefits Of Barberry Root - Berberis Vulgaris

  • Impressive Health Benefits Of Barberry Root - Berberis Vulgaris
Dec 05, 2019

Impressive Health Benefits Of Barberry Root - Berberis Vulgaris


Barberry, scientifically known as Berberis vulgaris, is a family of shrubs that grow sour, red berries. While the plant is native to parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa, it is found worldwide.

The plant's berries are used in traditional medicines to treat various disorders like digestive issues, urinary tract infections, heartburn, constipation, skin condition, and more.

It contains various beneficial compounds; berberine is the most notable, which acts as an antioxidant and helps manage disorders.

But there are impressive health benefits of the roots that you may not know.

This blog post talks about the health benefits of Barberry roots.

Health Benefits of Barberry Root

It may support liver and gallbladder health.

A properly functioning liver is essential for your body to go through the natural detoxification process and support a healthy gallbladder.

The gallbladder releases bile, which is necessary to help with digestion. However, if there is any issue in the organ, you may experience pain and difficulty digesting high-fat foods.

Barberry root can help stimulate bile secretion in the liver. It also supports overall liver function and may allow it to cleanse itself of toxins.

If you are experiencing issues in the bladder and looking for herbal remedies for the bladder, then barberry root mother tincture can work wonders.

May treat diarrhea

Barberry root can offer impressive benefits for your digestive system.

It may help treat diarrhea by slowing down the transit of waste through the digestive system and, in the process, can fight infection-causing bacteria, E. coli.

Another benefit you may gain with barberry roots is the stimulation of sluggish digestion and aids with the easy digestion of fats. It is because the bitter compounds in the root promote bile production in the liver.

Interestingly, the berberine in barberry also has a mild laxative effect that can help with occasional constipation.

May improve blood sugar

Several studies have shown that the berberine present in the barberry roots may have benefits for improving blood sugar levels.

Berberine appears to work by improving how the body cells of people with diabetes respond to insulin. It has the effect of lowering blood sugar levels and may also improve insulin resistance.

Some studies indicate that the effects of berberine on blood sugar and hemoglobin-A1c are comparable to the common diabetic medication Metformin.

May have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties

The berberine in barberry root may have both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It may help fight certain strains of bacteria, fungi, and possibly viruses.

By calming inflammation and fighting bacteria, barberry may also have the potential to fight acne.

May have anticancer effects

There are various ways in which barberry may exert anticancer effects. The effects are related to berberine which acts as an antioxidant and may help fight underlying oxidative damage associated with cancer development.

In addition, barberry roots may cause cancer cell death, prevent cancer cell replication, and inhibit enzymes involved in the life cycle of cancer cells.

How to Use Barberry Root

You can use barberry root in a powder form to make tea or use a herbal tincture available in wellness stores.

The root bark can also be powdered and taken in capsule forms. For liver detoxification, try barberry root in the mother tincture form.


Generally, barberry roots are safe to use. However, taking large amounts may result in an upset stomach, nausea, or vomiting.

It is recommended not to give herbs with berberine to young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

There is also a possibility that barberry may interact with certain medicines, particularly those for blood pressure. So, it is better to speak with a physician or qualified herbalist before using barberry roots.


These are some impressive health benefits you may gain from using barberry roots. However, it is essential to discuss with the doctor about the usage of herbal supplements. They can better guide you in selecting the products, dosage requirements, possible side effects, and precautions you must take.

If you are looking for gallbladder, liver, and digestive support, you can consider using the cleansing benefits of barberry root.

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