Women’s Health

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Agnus Castus Q – Mother Tincture


VITEX SUPPLEMENT FOR WOMEN: Vitex Berry, or Chasteberry, is a natural supplement for women that promotes a healthy mindset and body throughout the menstrual cycle and during the transition into menopa..

Ashoka Q – Mother Tincture


The Ashoka tree occupies a privileged place in many Indian folk and socio-cultural tradition. The Ashoka tree is a medium-sized evergreen that is still found growing wild in the Himalayas and ..

Damiana Q – Homeopathic Mother Tincture Damiana Q – Homeopathic Mother Tincture

Damiana Q – Homeopathic Mother Tincture


NAME IN CONTEMPORARY USE: Turnera diffusa Willd. SYNONYMS: Latin: Turnera aphrodisiaca Ward. English: Damiana French: Damiana German: Damiana BIOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION: Family Turneraceae (Turnera Fam..

Tribulus Terrestris Q – Mother Tincture


TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS is a plant-based supplement derived from the Tribulus plant. The steroidal saponins found in the plant form of Tribulus. Go ahead and compare our Tribulus to any on the market. CO..

Viburnum Opulus Q - Mother Tincture


Dysmenorrhoea or painful periods. Crampy pain that passes from back to front in the lower part of the abdomen and goes up to the thighs.Miscarriage or abortions. It helps to lower the risks of miscarr..

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